The Tale Of The Spiky-Eared Pichu!

Journal #1

Dear Reader,

My name is Nemokid4. You may be wondering why I am writing this journal, as it is something not many people have done on a Pokemon Blog website! But I am writing this to inform you about a very strange Pokemon I had found during my travels. I don’t know much about this pokemon, only that I have seen it once. I hope to see this pokemon again, as it is very friendly. Well let me tell you my story…

As I was traveling around Sinnoh I found a strange town… What was it’s name again? Oh! I’m having a mind block!  Maybe it will come to me some other time. Anyways, I was standing outside of this town observing a weird berry tree. All of a sudden the tree started to move! Woah! I have never seen a tree move on its own before! I stop, look at it for a second, and the tree stops moving. This is very odd, I think to myself. Just then a yellow ear appears on the side of the tree! Is it a pokemon?!

I walk closer to find out what the mysterious thing is behind the tree… Woah! It jumps out from behind the tree, and pushed me to the ground! Thud! (Im still recovering from that fall.) I wake up to see that pokemon dancing around in circles, like it won a contest ribbon! I stand up… It looks at me. Zoom! It took off like a bullet. It was a tiny Pokemon, but a fast runner too! All I could make out was that it was yellow and small. I wonder… no, it can’t be…

After that incedent, I thought it was time to head home. Walking home was a blur. Just me and my scetch book. All I was thinking about was who that odd Pokemon was? Was it a Pokemon?! I remember myself getting up from the fall, I couldn’t focus because I was so confused. Nothing more I had seen…

I have decided! I will head back to that tree with the weird berries, by the town. I will try to see that pokemon again, if it returns… Who knows? We will all just wait and find out I guess…

Well thats all I am going to write today. Thank you for listening to this long story. It is not finished, I think it is just the beginning of a much bigger story…

Be back tomorrow with more news!

– Nemokid4


Journal #2

Dear Reader,

Well, just as promised! I went back to the odd tree today. Here’s what I found!

Finding the odd tree again was a lot harder than you think it would be, well thats because there is an entire field of them! I knew I found the tree when I spotted the Pokemon dancing around it again! I sat behind a tree, trying not to scare this Pokemon. As it could push me to to the ground again. Could a Pokemon have that much strength? Could it be an undiscovered legendary?! Woah! I could be the first to discover this rare Pokemon!

I peer over the side of the tree, to find something unusual. WOAH! No way! Its a Pokemon already discovered! Aww… the awards I could have won… Gone. Wait a second… that Pokemon is from the Johto Region! Its called a… there it goes again. I am not good at remembering anything. I mean anything! I even forgot my own birthday one year!

Oh! let me draw a picture of it. Thud! (A berry from the tree falls to the ground…) The Pokemon stops dancing, and stares at the tree. Oh No! Busted! Boing! Boing! Boing! The Pokemon hops over here as fast as its little legs can carry it. Picks up the berry and gobbles it whole! AH! I never knew a Pokemon could have such a big appetite! Could it be a Munchlax?! No its too small…

Hmm… I keep observing it for a few hours, forgetting all about my sketch book. This thing eats so many of these berries, too much! Wait! Thats it! Something is attracting it here, and I think it is the berries! I empty my backpack and fill it to the top with berries. The Pokemon rushes over, munches on the berries. A few minutes later, they’re all gone. Hmm… what kind of berries are these? Let me look it up in my book…


No. 25 – Grepa Berries

Size: 5.9″   Firmness: Soft


One bite of this very tender Berry fills the mouth with its sweet and tangy flavor.


So it seems this Pokemon likes Grepa Berries. Interesting… the Pokemon runs away. Probably to get more Grepa Berries…

As I head home I remember… OH! DUH! I forgot to scetch it! I think I will go back again tomorrow, to scetch it. Anyways! I ordered a Pokedex. Yes thats right ordered… You see a Pokemon Scetcher cant normally get a Pokedex. Maybe it will help me remember who this pokemon is….

But all I know is… I was right. This is part of a much bigger story…

Heres to tomorrow! When I return to the mysterious Pokemon!

– Nemokid4


Journal #3

Dear Reader,

Today was very interesting, I think it’s the start of something new. Here, let me show you…

I was super exited to get back to the field today! Knowing that I could find the Pokemon would be very easy to find. Thanks to those Grepa Berries. I quickly run down stairs to the first floor of my house, put on my shoes, grab my camera, and dash out the door. Forgetting to check the mailbox to see if my Pokedex has arrived. I take the same path as always… Up the hill, through the forest, and past the town. Oh, by the way. On the way past the town I saw a sign. It said Michina Town. So thats the name of the town! Its an interesting town, the ruins at the top of a giant hill, are said to be from a long time ago. I heard rumors about a special legendary Pokemon visiting this town.

As I step into the berry tree field, there it is. Standing there, like it was waiting for me. I slowly unzip my empty backpack, to fill it with Grepa Berries. I place it in front of me. The next thing i know I am laying on the ground. Oof! That Pokemon pushed me over again! This time not for fun, but for the berries! By the time I stand up he looks at me, like he is saying… More Please!I walk over to another tree, I hear a noise behind me. Turn around, nothing is there. Oh, well. There it is again! But nothing is still behind me! It continued, until one time I turned around before the noise started. The Pokemon was following me! I keep moving in different direction, it still follows me. Interesting, I look at It. Oh, I know what to do!

Thud! Snap! Ah! It pushed me as I was taking a picture! Well, I least I got something, some type of proof. I fill up my bag to the top will Grepa Berries. Head Back Past the tow, through the forest, and over the hill. Made my way back to the house. It seems that this little Pokemon has followed me all the way home! Far from the Berry Field! I look at it. It looks like it wants a Friend. Sure, I say. I walk to the mailbox. My package, it came! I think it’s my pokedex! I can’t wait! We both run into the warm house. Waiting to find out what is in the package…

Oh, the picture! I forgot. Well I fixed it up a little and heres what I got. Can you identify this Pokemon?

I will report back tomorrow or later with more news! I will also us my pokedex for the first time!

See you soon!

– Nemokid4


Journal #4

Dear Reader,

Today is the day! I held it off long enough. Well, here… you will see.

As I walk down the stairs, and head into the kitchen, I… A MONSTER! WOAH! HOW DID… Oh, haha. Its just my new friend… I am not used to having other Pokemon in the house. The only other is my Mudkip, who was my starter. Thats it! I run over to the table and grab the package off of it. Tear it open, Woah! It’s amazing! My very own Pokedex! Look, It’s awesome!

I walk over to the Pokemon, hold the pokedex up to it. It makes this weird beeping noise, then it talks to me!


172. Pichu – (Tiny Mouse Pokemon)

Electric   Ability: Static

Evolution Path:

Pichu-Lv.Up Through Friendship- Pikachu -Thunderstone- Raichu

This Pichu’s Gender is Female.


Hmm… a Pichu. Interesting. I glance back and forth at the Pokedex and the Pokemon. But this one looks different. I’m sure! Let me take a picture of her. Snap! Got it! Look…

Look at Her ear. It is different then the one in the Pokedex. I am going to take a walk, as I try to go out the door, she jumps and follows me! Hey Friend, I say! She jumps, and spins. Then She looks at me, with those same looks. I feel like she is telling me she wants to travel the world too! Is that what you want, I say? She jumps, like She is saying, Yes, Please!

I take out a Pokeball, Toss it, it hits, then it opens… WHAT?! The pokeball makes a beeping noise?! I try again. Hmm… thats not normal. Maybe its the Pokeball, Lets go to the Pokemart! I run off from my front yard, into the woods toward the town, With my new friend. Kind of like a ride off into the sunset moment, But not really. More like a run off into the forest moment, if you ask Me. Maybe there will be a sunset moment later…

Tomorrow, I will record our adventures in Michina Town. Stay tuned, You won’t want to miss this!

– Nemokid4


Journal #5

Dear Reader,

“In this episode of the Mysterious Pokemon…” Wow, I sound just like a T.V. announcer. Haha. “Lights, Camera, Action!”…

The sound of grass, the Pidgey in the trees, and the sight of Michina Town. Almost there, I can see it!

As we enter the town, the first thing I do is stop, look at Pichu. Zoom! I always wanted to race down a city street. Dont you? Tired and out of energy, we reach the Pokemart. I attempt to talk to the person behind the counter, but it just came out in tiny words. Can I… Pokeball…. Broken… Makes beep noise…. new one? The Store worker was very angry. I guess his job, was not to exiting. But then the weirdest thing happened…. The Store Worker looked at Pichu. A smile came on his face. Pichu jumped up and down, making a happy noise.

Well I got the Pokeballs. The answer, None of them worked… Its very odd. But what is even more odd, is when we ware walking down the road. Everybody who had a problem looked at Pichu, then the problem was solved… I tell you, it is so weird. But I am glad to see the people happy!

They say there is an elder in town. The elder knows everything, and can see into a Pokemon’s soul, to see the future and the past. I heard about him on the streets. Who knows, maybe he can help with my problem! They say he is toward the center of the town.I think it would be best to visit him. Infact were not that far from his house!

Knock, knock knock! The house sits quiet. It’s over looking the ruins, great spot for a house! Creek! The door opens, there is a wife standing there. Um, hi. I would like to speak to the elder…. She says, John! You got some compony! You can come in now…

There we were sitting at the table, hoping to find the answers to my questions… The elder starts off, So who am I working with today? Woosh, Pichu Jumps right onto the table, like it understood. Hmmm, a smart one. So what’s this Pokemon’s name? Says the Elder. Now it was my turn to speak, Name?! How could I forget a name?! Well I only knew this pichu for a few days now. The Elder says, May I just say this Pokemon is very happy, energetic, and brings joy to other people. I was shocked! How could he have known all of that from just meeting this pokemon a few minutes ago! I think to myself… (Happy, Energetic, Joy… I remember on the streets, when Pichu solved all of those peoples problems… They were happy, Probably not energetic. But filled with joy…joy, joy,… Thats it!)

Her name is Joy! The Elder looks at Joy, and back to me. A wise choice, but it is also fair to ask the Pokemon if they like their name. I look at Joy, I say slowly. Do you like your name? Joy seams happier then ever! Great your name is officially Joy!

The elder looks at me. Now lets fix your problem… WOAH! It seams… No. I can’t believe it! It seems this Pokemon has… Time Traveled! Time traveling, I… I can’t believe Joy has time traveled! The Elder delivers the final news. It also seems that Joy is from the past. No way! Is this true Joy?! Are you from the past?! Joy, Jumps and makes a loud noise. It has another one of those looks, Like it is saying… It needs to get back… But to where?! The Elder says his final words… Because this Pokemon has time traveled, that is the reason it can not be caught. Oh, It make sense now… Joy is special, I am glad that we crossed paths.

Little did I know what I was getting Myself into….

RAWR!! WOAH, What was that!? The whole city just shook! The elders wife comes over, she says, Get out of the house! Hurry! I walk  out the door, to see some kids running by, there yelling at each other.

“Ash! Wait up! Brock and I can’t run that fast!” It was a girl running with a Piplup who said that. Haha, what an odd group…

I turn around to see why everybody was running. There in the sky, was the most unbelievable thing ever. A Legendary Pokemon Battle, and Joy and I were right in the center of it all…

“And Cut! Thats a rap folks!” Well I had to have the same exit.

Tomorrow is the day, that Everything changes…

– Nemokid4


Journal #6

Dear Reader,

Things are not looking up for our heros, take a look…

RAWR! There it is again! Who are these strange Pokemon?! What do they want? Oh, my Pokedex! Let me chack these Pokemon out…


483. Dialga – (Temporal Pokemon)

Steel/Dragon   Ability: Pressure

Evolution Path:

Does Not Evolve


484. Palkia – (Spacial Pokemon)

Water/Dragon   Ability: Pressure

Evolution Path:

Does Not Evolve


487. Giratina (Altered Form) – (Renegade Pokemon)

Ghost/Dragon   Ability: Pressure

Evolution Path:

Does Not Evolve


493. Arceus – (Alpha Pokemon)

Normal   Ability: Pressure

Evolution Path:

Does Not Evolve


Woah! All of those Pokemon are fighting right above me! Its very loud, the ground is shaking a lot too. Joy is scared, but acts like she has seen these Pokemon before.

So the rumors were true! The Pokemon Arceus does have something to do with this place! It was the pokemon I was talking about that visited this place before! But the other ones… I have only heard of in Myths, I can’t believe there right in front of me! But then it happened…

RAWR! Dialga, Gets ready to use a move.

RAWR! Palkia, Gets ready to use a move.

GRRR! Giratina, Gets ready to use a move.

GRRR! Arceus, Gets ready to use a move.

BLAM! CRASH! They all hit at the same time! Creating the loudest noise ever, like scratching metal.

Suddenly, I feel like I am falling. AH! The whole city is gone! Millions of colors are flying by me, like I am in some type of teleportation machine. THUD! Ugh…

I wake up by some type of shrine, in the middle of another town… An old woman is standing next to me. AH! Who are you!? She flies back 5 feet, scared from the scream. She said something, You just appeared here. As if you came out of nowhere… My turn to speak, That can’t be true! I was just on Michina Town! I look around, the sky is dark. Looks the same as when I left Michina Town. JOY?! Where is Joy?! The elder speaks, The Pichu? She is in the Pokemon center. Just then  somebody comes over to talk to the elder, Grandma! I need you help! It very important! The Elder says, Cynthia, what is wrong dear? She said, There is an ultimate battle in Michina Town, over the Jewel of Life! We need your help to stop this! The Elder now says some final words to me, I am very sorry Dear, but I must help my Family. But here take this, it’s a pass. You can stay at the hotel tonight, catch up on some sleep. Bye! She took of faster than any other Grandmother has…

Beep, Beep, Beep. There I was waiting in the Pokemon Center. Hoping my friend will be alright. Nurse Joy then walks over with Joy. Here you go! Your Pokemon is good as new! Joy! You’re alright! She jumps up and down, happy to see me. Come on, lets go to the hotel…

As we were walking to the hotel, I thought I heard a noise. There it is again! The noise then starts up again one more time… CELEBI!!!

Its a Pokemon!

Tomorrow is a start of a new era…



Journal #7

Dear Reader,

Here I am in this new world, a world of mystery. Here’s how I got here…


There it is again! The voice! Its a Pokemon! Standing on my hotel balcony, I look at the shrine in the middle of the town, Its glowing in  green color. Joy comes over to see what the noise was all about. She sees the green light and jumps around everywhere, like somebody came for her. Boing! She jumps off the balcony. JOY! Watch out! I Dash out the door of my room,Get to the elevator… out of order. To the stairs! I am out of breath when I reach the bottom but Joy is already almost at the shrine. JOY! Get back here! She reaches the shrine, then stops. I reach her and say, Joy what has gotten into you? She lets out a loud noise… PICHU!!! The sky turns green. I quickly grab her, ZAP! She uses a Thunder Shock attack. I was burnt to a crisp, but not ready to give up. The town was alarmed, and everyone evacuated the city. Except or Joy and I.

Joy, Please get over here now! She yells again, PICHU!!! Then launches a Thunder Shock at the shrine. The Green light around the shrine gets bigger. She walks forward, unable to hear me. Pichu! Stop and listen to me please! This is not good, she is almost at the light. As we speak the light is growing bigger, into a vortex around the shrine, a Big green vortex going to nowhere. One more step and she will be sucked right in! I must do something! I run up, until something never before seen to me happens. Flying out of the vortex seems to be a Pokemon. I quickly pull out my Pokedex to see who it is…


251. Celebi – (Time Travel Pokemon)

Psychic/Grass   Ability: Natural Cure

Evolution Path:

Does Not Evolve


Woah, a Celebi!  Celebi Come forward out of the vortex, and picks up Joy. I say some words, Put Her down, now! Celebi pretends not to hear me. Inches forward to the vortex and throws Joy in. JOY! I run up to the vortex to get Joy. She’s gone… I turn to Celebi. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS! A green light appears around me… Woah! Celebi looks like it is focusing really hard so it can pick me up. WOAH, I am floating above the ground, Celebi is using levitate! Celebi inches me towards the portal, I react. NO, STOP! I hear some last words from Celebi, like a yelling sound. CELEBI! I am falling, to nowhere, I fell into the vortex. Not knowing what is going to happen next…

I wake up in a forest, I see Joy Jumping around another shrine. One that looks just like the one in Celestic Town. But were in a forest, a deep thick green forest. And I am in the center of it…

I get up, at this point I am freaking out. Where am I? How did I get here? I remember Celebi, and the vortex. Oh Yea… I hear some noises come from Joy. WOAH! Its another Pichu, playing with Joy! But this one looks different. Not anything on its ears, but its color. It looks more like a Pikachu, then a Pichu. Here, Take a look…

There Playing, but like they know each other from somewhere. I walk up to Joy. Do you know this Pokemon? Joy shakes her head, yes. Who it it? Just then a voice appears. He’s mine! Huh? I look behind me, it is a girl. She is dressed oddly.

Um, who are you? She speaks clearly. My name is Soul, welcome to the Johto Region! What?! The Johto Reagon?! I was just in the Sinnoh Region!

I look at Joy, she is with that new Pokemon…

Wow, the Johto Region…

At that point I knew something was up, something bad, or good…

The new Journey starts tomorrow…



Journal #8

Dear Reader,

The start of a new Journey Begins…

There I was, standing there. Confused as always, well now even more confused. I look at Soul, She is standing there. Looking at me like I have to answer a question. I hear her say some words, SO? What’s your answer?! I wake up from my daydream. Huh? What?! Question? Yes, I asked you what town your from. Duh! Oh, Sorry I wasn’t listening. I’m from lilycove City. I look over and see the two Pichu playing, here is a picture.

Also here is a picture of Soul…

Lilycove?Is that in the Hoenn Region? Yes, yes it is! She says some remarks, Odd Region. Huh? Hey! Like Johto isn’t odd!? She punches me in the arm. Don’t Mimic me! Well, sorry! I will just leave then! Fine you do that! Good luck! YES, I do have good luck! I’m taking my Pokemon with me! She grabs her Pokemon first. NO, I am! (If you can’t tell, we don’t get along.) Both of the Pokemon Let out a screech. Almost like they are telling us to stop fighting, and to get along. I start… Can we start over? Soul says, Yes I would like that. Hi, I’m Soul. I’m Nemokid. So, were are we in the Johto Region. WHAT?! You don’t know?! Why, this is Ilex Forest, The biggest forest in the Johto Region. Ilex forrest, huh? Interesting. I pull out my Pokedex to see a map. Soul grabs it out of my hand. WOAH?! What is this?! it’s a Pokedex, I say. It looks up pokemon data. I point it over Joy, her data pops up. WOAH! Thats awesome!

So you haven’t ever seen one of these? She replies with a no. Well then what year is it? She tells me the year, I stop in my tracks. She runs over. What’s wrong? This is not the right year… What?! She says, are you some kind of crazy person. (I was asking myself the same question.) Then that means…( I was thinking back to last night. With Celebi, and the vortex. I fell in the vortex, so that means it took me here. Celebi is the time travel pokemon… So that means, the vortex was TIME TRAVEL!) AH! I’m from the future! Soul looks at me like i’m crazy. She punches me again. OUCH! She says, EXPLAIN! Here lets sit under his tree and I will tell you.

I tell Soul my story. So, this all started when you meet Joy in a Grepa Berry Patch? Yes, that is true. I have seen Joy around here before, she came to play with Thunder for a long time. I’m confused, who is thunder? OH, haha silly me! Thunder is my Pichu’s name! You see this Pichu is shiny. That means it’s color is different from the rest. Your Pichu is special too!

Soul says some things, Here we go! Were now out of the forest! Oh, and when you said you meet Celebi, before? Yes? Well thats how I found you. I saw Celebi in the forest, so I ran over to see it. It flew away. But then you were just laying there. Haha, It was so funny. Heh, thanks, I say. Soul speaks again, Just up this road is Goldenrod City! Come on! There having a festival!

At that Point I knew I had found a great friend. But I have to get back to the future, but how? This story is not over yet so stay tuned!

Tomorrow, is the Goldenrod festival! You can’t miss this…



Journal #9 (3/12/2010)

Dear Reader,

The sounds, the food, the music! All here at the Goldenrod City Festival!…

Here we are! The Goldenrod City Festival! WOAH! I look up. Their building a radio tower, for this new device that is on our Pokegear! There brand new, Just came out! Hmm, I have seen those before! I said. Lets go over here, says Soul.

Welcome! One and all to the battling center, in this wonderful Goldenrod City Festival! We will find two trainers here to fight and compete against each other in an epic battle! Lets start! Spot lights come on over the crowd, as it sets to night. The person on the stage speaks. Who ever wins this epic battle will win this Pokemon egg! Ready?! Lets start!

The spotlights move. They slowly move on Soul, and stop. YOU! You’re our lucky winner! What me?! The crowd screams! Ok, I guess I Could. I speak, You can do it Soul! (I was Just happy I didn’t have to go up there.) Now lets find the opposing challenger!

Oh, no… Just as I thought. As I was walking away, the Person on the stage stops me. You there! Your our challenger!

At that moment, I looked at Soul’s face. She looked ready to beat me in a battle. I wasn’t going to let that happen…



Journal #10

Ready. Set, Battle!…

The Crowd is cheering. Oh, no it’s going to start! Soul says, I’m going to crush you. (Infact I think she might…) The SPokesperson starts… READY?! SET?! GO!!

Soul says, this will be easy. She looks at Thunder. You ready?! Thunder jumps out into the arena, ready for battle.

Uh, Who am I going to use? (The REAL question is am I ready? This is my first Pokemon battle!) I Have two choices Mudkip or Joy. She sent out Thunder, so sending out Mudkip will be a bad choice. I will send out Joy! Joy, is ready to fight!

The announcer speaks, Well, they got their pokemon out. Lets see who will win! Soul starts, Thunder use thundershock! I say the same thing, You too Joy! Their thunders explode when they hit each other. WOAH! What Power, says the announcer! Use it again! WE both keep using the same moves, because thats the only moves that they know. BOOM! Thunders attack hit Joy. She falls back…

JOY! I yell, Are you ok?! She stands up. PICHU! Sparks fly around her. She looks like she really wants to win. She stands up. Her tail starts to glow… Joy, whats wrong? I pull out my Pokedex. WOAH! A new move! Its called Iron Tail! She walks up to thunder and WACK! Hits him directly with Iron tail. Thunder falls back… It fainted. WE WON!

The crowd screams! The announcer walks up to me. Hands me my prize. Congrats you win a Pokemon Egg!

This egg is full of mystery, I wonder what it could be…

More news tomorrow!

– Nemokid4


All Content Is © 2010

Pokémon And All Respective Names Are Trademark & © Of Nintendo 1996 – 2010


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