History Reports

History Reports:


February 14th – Site Created, Games Page Completed, About Us Page Completed, T.V. Page Started.

February 15th – Made T.V. Show Guide Listings in: Indigo League, Orange League, Johto League, and Whirl islands Side Adventure. Made Battle Arena page Password Protected. Added Custom Header (HG/SS) (Thank Pochama999 for an Awesome Header!). Added V.1 And V.2 on DP: Galactic Battles Theme Song. Added Pochama999 to the Team As: Spell Checker. Started the Breaking News page. Changed Japanese Pictures of Heart Gold and Soul Silver, to English Versions. (Also Updated the Text). Made post on the Home Page.

February 16th – Updates

February 17th – Updates

February 18th – Updates

February 19th – Updates

February 20th – Updates

February 21st – Updates

February 22nd – Updates

February 23rd – Updates

February 24th – Updates

February 25th – Renamed Page  T.V. Series To T.V. Series/Movies. Added Movie Stuff To T.V. Series/Movies Page. Finished the page T.V. Series/Movies. Created A New Page Called… T.V. Show Guides. Moved the T.V. Show Guides From The T.V. Series/Movies Page To T.V. Show Guides Page. Finished the page T.V. Show Guides. Made New Post On the Home Page.

February 26th – Wrote Text For Pokédex Entries #001 – #028. Updated The T.V. Show Guides Page, Added New Episodes and a New Format.

Febuary 27th – Wrote Text for Pokédex Entries #029 – #034. Updated T.V. Show Guides Page. Started Breaking News Page.

Febuary 28th – Finished the Breaking News Page. Wrote Text for Pokédex Entries #035 – #065.

March 1st – Wrote Text for Pokédex Entries #066 – #101.

March 2nd – Wrote Text for Pokédex Entries #102 – #126.

March 3rd – Wrote Text for Pokédex Entries #127 – #151. Finished Kanto Portion of the Pokédex. Added some Copyright © Laws.

March 4th – Added page… Mysterious Pokemon…. Wrote Journal #1 For the Page Mysterious Pokemon….

March 5th – Wrote Jornal #2 on Mysterious Pokemon. Wrote post on Home Page, Finished Battle Arena, Made a way for you to contact me on About Us.

March 6th – Opened Battle Arena in (Beta), Updated the T.V. Show Guide, Wrote Journal #3 on Mysterious Pokemon…, Updated the Breaking News Page.

March 7th – Updated Battle Arena, Wrote Journal #4 on Mysterious Pokemon…

March 8th – Wrote Journal #5 on Mysterious Pokemon…

March 9th – New Header, Wrote Journal #6 on Mysterious Pokemon…

March 10th – Wrote Journal #7 on Mysterious Pokemon…

March 11th – Obtained Partial Johto Pokédex from, Pochama999. Added Pictures to Kanto Pokédex Section. Made New Page… Pokémon Of The Week! Wrote Journal #8 on Mysterious Pokemon…

March 12th – Updates

March 13th – Updates

March 14th – Updates

March 15th – Updates

March 16th – In Progress


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