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New Main Series Games Announced!

Hello All!,

Today on the Japanese Pokemon website, they have announced the new games!
They are called Pokemon Black and White! Im Super excited for these games! How about you?

I Just have a few questions Nintendo? Why go back to colors? Is it in the past?
My guess we will all just have to wait and find out…
These games are going to come out in Japan in 2010!
More details coming soon!


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Site Now Officially Open!


This website is now officially open! I will be reporting on all the newest Pokemon news as it comes out! So stay tuned! We have a lot of cool stuff to check out on our site right now, so don’t miss out! Remember this website gets updated almost daily! So something is always new!

Stay tuned!

– Nemokid4

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Mysterious Pokémon…


Website updates are going really well if you are wondering! Got a lot of stuff planed for the future!

Speaking of the future! If you haven’t checked out the new page, Mysterious Pokémon… you should check it out sometime! It will become something really important for the future of the site!

So stay tuned!

– Nemokid4

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As you can see, there as been alot of work on this site lately. Me and My Team are working to make it the best it can be, before the Release Date! (When is the Realease Date? Check Out The Post Below, For More Info!)

Keep Checking Back! We really Appreciate When People Visit our Site!

Comment And Tell Us What You Think!

Talk To You Soon!

– Nemokid4

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Official Release Date

Hi Everybody!,

I know its kinda early to tell you guys this, but I have the official release date.

Its on… March 14th 2010.

That means if you are on this site right now, be aware that it is being updated  a lot.

Just wanted to give everybody a heads up!

Enjoy the site!

– Nemokid4

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New Site!

Welcome to my new website! Hope you will like it as much as I do! I will be adding more to it as it gets older! But for now, please enjoy the blog!


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